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SoulMaids, maid service Austin, Lives Green

SoulMaids, maid service Austin, is on a mission to clean using only green products. Of course, this green drive seeps over into our everyday living. The resolution to go green involves making conscious decisions to reduce energy consumption, conserve natural resources, minimize waste generation, and support eco-friendly alternatives.

Going green may seem daunting at first. But the below list of green actions are so easy, anyone can do it! Remember, if everyone makes small changes, collectively we’re making huge strides towards a brighter future.

SoulMaids, maid service Austin

Green living encompasses various aspects of daily life, including:

1. Energy conservation: Making efforts to reduce energy consumption by using energy-efficient appliances, utilizing natural light, insulating homes, and using renewable energy sources like solar or wind power.

2. Waste reduction and recycling: Practicing waste reduction by minimizing single-use items, recycling materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal, composting organic waste, and properly disposing of hazardous materials. At SoulMaids, maid service Austin, we minimize single use items by buying in bulk & re-using disinfectant spray bottles.

3. Water conservation: Conserving water by using efficient fixtures and appliances, collecting rainwater for non-potable uses, and being mindful of water usage in daily activities.

4. Sustainable transportation: Opting for eco-friendly modes of transportation such as walking, cycling, carpooling, using public transit, or choosing electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. At SoulMaids, maid service Austin, our cleaners carpool in our SoulMobile to our client’s houses.

5. Sustainable food choices: Selecting locally sourced, organic, and seasonal foods, reducing meat consumption, supporting fair trade and sustainable farming practices, and minimizing food waste. Pro tip: visit your local farmers market for fresh farm to table produce.

6. Eco-friendly products: Choosing products that are made from recycled materials, have minimal packaging, are durable and repairable, and avoiding products containing harmful chemicals or non-biodegradable materials. At SoulMaids, maid service Austin, this is our main focus. Bringing toxic chemicals into the home is the absolute last thing we want to do. Instead, we use mighty clean products to disinfect your space, leaving nothing but lemon behind.

7. Conservation of natural resources: Being mindful of resource consumption and taking steps to conserve resources like forests, water bodies, and wildlife habitats. Our actions and the chemicals we choose to use, particularly on our lawns, directly effect the natural world around us. Consider a pollinator lawn to cut down on the need to lawn chemicals while inviting bees and butterflies to your backyard.

8. Environmental activism: Participating in advocacy efforts, supporting environmental organizations, and raising awareness about environmental issues within the community. Whatever your contribution, small or large, matters.

At SoulMaids, maid service Austin, we believe by embracing green living principles, individuals can contribute to the overall health of the planet, reduce their ecological footprint, and work towards a more sustainable and resilient future. Keep in mind, climate change didn’t happen overnight and neither will the solution. Together, let’s keep moving forward.

Book your cleaning now & we'll clean your home the green way.

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